Beluxe Diamond Jewellery

Growing up in Hong Kong in the 1970’s, Belinda Chow, owner of BELUXE Diamond Jewellery had fond memories of watching her father's craft handmade diamond jewellery. She was intrigued by his father’s attention and delicate touch as her father mounted every masterpiece to achieve perfection.

Belinda's appreciation for handmade beautiful diamond jewellery has convinced her to continue this tradition. At BELUXE Diamond Jewellery, they only use the finest, H color and above brilliant diamonds to maintain the quality of their finest masterpieces. Each item is made based on the philosophies of her father’s fine craftsmanship over the last 4 decade - with the same care, the attention to details - all at an exceptional value.

BELUXE, where unique timeless elegant fine jewellery is created with love.