Tiño Suits

For 15 years, TIÑO has had the honor of dressing some of the country’s elegant and fine men. Following its long-time pursuit of developing supreme clothing, TIÑO stretch its ingenious arms, bringing clothing into its highest level of quality.

TIÑO has been a leader of excellence in its craft from its beginnings in 1998. The fluid style of Napoleon Arienza, trained by an Italian artisan in Penne, Italy, was from the start the distinctive feature of our service. Today, it continue to focus on perfecting the art of fine dressing, with quality and tradition as the center.

Each TIÑO product is sartorial, which means the master tailor himself works on the entire construction of a product to make it a single, unique piece specially honed for the individual customer.  Every detail – pattern, stitching, finishing and pressing – is carefully done through traditional sartorial methods.